After the Night Rain

After the Night Rain, a book of contemporary haiku, celebrates the concept of place, explored through personal experiences in Duluth, Minnesota; a cabin in Wisconsin’s north woods; South Carolina’s Lowcountry; hospitals; travel; even the “place” of being a grandparent. Original illustrations and cover art by Kaori Mitsushima are inspired by haiku in the book. Haiku surfaces the richness of each reader’s emotions and experiences. These little poems will ripple your memory bank, leaving you saying, “There! I’ve felt that too….”

$12.95, 102 pages, paperback. ISBN 978-0985567620.

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Who is Lilly?

Who is Lilly? is a book about about a dog and her emotions. It is an excellent introduction to the idea that animals have feelings, and is a lively look at the range of emotions Lilly experiences as she goes about her day. This book has been highly regarded by animal experts, schoolteachers and librarians.

$9.95, 42 pages, paperback. ISBN 978-0985567613

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Colorful Food

Colorful Food is a beautiful introduction to the world of fruits and vegetables for the emergent reader.  The clear text and delicious images make this book appealing to the youngest child, as well as the adult reading along with them. This book has been highly recommended by parents, nutritionists, child obesity experts, schoolteachers and librarians.

$10.95, 28 pages, paperback. ISBN 978-0985567606

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